What’s your sign?

~~ Originally printed in Carrboro (NC) Free Press, January 2008 ~~

It’s pretty incredible to me that I can get through most days without noticing all the signs around me. Even traffic signs I obey perfunctorily, without really looking at them. But this week, as I have made my daily treks through Carrboro, I have been looking for signs. Actually looking at signs.

There are great big banners announcing events free to the public. There are little tiny hand-lettered signs reminding me to close the door. There are business signs. Information signs. Entertaining signs. For sale signs. Warning signs. Maybe even signs from above. But I really love the intimacy of the personal signs. “Face Up” scribbled on a sticky note on an office copier. “Turn off lights and printers” taped by the exit door. “86 Grouper” in a restaurant kitchen. “Check pockets” at the dry cleaners. And “Owes me 50 cents” on a vending machine. Continue reading