“Virtuoso writing and apocalyptic vision characterize Ashley Atkins’s utterly original and fascinating novel.”
Lee Smith, The New York Times bestselling author, on THE TRUTH IS HARD TO TELL

Jennie is a good person. Really.
She tries so very hard to be a godly woman, loving mother, attractive wife, attentive neighbor and dutiful sister, stepmother, daughter, and aunt. The problem is that everyone keeps getting in the way of her success. If it weren’t for circumstances and, well, people, she could be just about perfect.
Echoed by the fall of the Twin Towers, Jennie’s world comes crashing down as she tries to make sense of her projections and preconceptions. Sadly, heroic action does not always follow good intentions.
The Truth is Hard to Tell is set in Charleston, SC, in September of 2001. Within the matryoshka structure are the interrelated stories of eight characters.
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NC Writers’ Network called TOUGH MAUVE
“a mystery wrapped in enigma of a father/daughter relationship.”
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If there was one thing she’d learned, it was to act like she knew exactly what she was doing.
Lulu never expected to lose her mom and Joe, but at least she still has a father. Except… he doesn’t want anything to do with her.
When she finds an unlikely home with her stepfather’s sister, Lulu creates a simple, if transitory, existence for herself. Soon she is falling for Shane Devine, who may or may not have a thing for Madison Everly.
But then local reporter Miranda Brooks goes missing, setting off a sequence of events that brings Lulu’s father to town—whether she likes it or not.
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