Old writings

Ok, so here’s what I did. I’ve got a lot of old writing:

  • Columns from The Chapel Hill (NC) Weekly
  • Editorials, interviews, and features from Carrboro (NC) Free Press
  • Random poetry, letters, and musings
  • Editorials and features from The Daniel Island (SC) News

None of this stuff made it onto the internet, so I’m doing my best to gather it here on this blog. I’m trying to publish under the original dates, so even though I’m posting in 2016 you will see posts going back years. The tag cloud in the sidebar will help you navigate.

I hope you enjoy!

Screenplay idea

Escape From The Mall
pitched by AA, February 2009

starring Kate Hudson as Liss

The time is the not-too-distant future
The place is middle America, the Heartland, in a massive shopping mall
The heroine is beautiful and buff, å la Linda Hamilton in Terminator. A trained field agent. She likes corn dogs and beer. She has a pet cockatiel named Earl. Won’t go anywhere without mascara and lipgloss. Obsessed with Emily Dickinson. Loves big band music. Hates to shop. Continue reading