tough-mauve-kindleI DID IT!

After querying more than a hundred agents for my YA novel, and getting some interest and words of encouragement but no offers of representation, I decided to self-publish.

Oh, what a feeling.

The physical proof will be in my greedy little hands in two days. I’ll have the book for sale on Amazon and my local bookstore within a week or so.

We’ll see how it goes. Continue reading


Tough Mauve

*The novel formerly known as And Yet the Bottle Tree’s Song is Sadder than Mine

So when I first started writing this book, it was an adult novel. Sure the main character is a teenage girl, but I hadn’t considered trying my hand at YA lit. Once I got Lulu through her journey and into South Carolina, I decided to make it a book for teen readers. My younger daughter always loved realistic fiction, and I wrote this with her in mind. I’ve got a big soft spot in my heart for this strong, feisty protagonist. You can read the first 20 or so pages here.

Tough Mauve (intro)

Lucinda Louise Maxwell has been through some shit. Her happy normal teenage existence in the North Carolina mountains is shattered on Christmas Eve, 2009, when her mother and stepfather die in a freak accident. Luckily for her she has her father, and she goes to live with him and his wife in Boston. Unprepared for the arrival of a precocious 15-year-old girl in their lives, they quickly ship her back home. Well, a hundred miles or so from home. But it’s OK, she believes she’ll be attending a prestigious boarding school. Continue reading