The Truth is Hard to Tell (sample)

This is a tricky book to sample, as it is eight interconnected stories set in a matryoshka structure. I cannot stress how much I love this book. I wrote it as exactly the sort of novel I would want to read. It’s dark, and it’s a bit different. Refer to the overview here if you haven’t seen that already. It might help make some sense. And you can read the first 25 pages or so here.


The Truth is Hard to Tell (intro)

Jennie is a good person. Really. She tries so very hard to be a godly woman, loving mother, attractive wife, attentive neighbor and dutiful sister, stepmother, daughter, and aunt. The problem is that everyone keeps getting in the way of her success. If it weren’t for circumstances and, well, people, she could be just about perfect. Echoed by the fall of the Twin Towers, her world comes crashing down as she tries to make sense of her projections and preconceptions. Sadly, heroic action does not always follow good intentions.

At 61,000 words, The Truth is Hard to Tell is set in Charleston, SC, in September of 2001. Within the matryoshka structure are the interrelated stories of eight characters that together form one complete narrative. This is slightly dark, upmarket adult fiction with book club potential. Continue reading