Vivian Haywood’s Excellent Adventure – a teaser

I’m currently 10,000 words into my third novel, Vivian Haywood’s Excellent Adventure. This one is contemporary women’s fiction.

My writing can be a bit dark. My first novel The Truth is Hard to Tell is very dark, though also, I think, pretty hilarious in places. But then I do have a great ability to amuse myself. Continue reading


The Truth is Hard to Tell (sample)

This is a tricky book to sample, as it is eight interconnected stories set in a matryoshka structure. I cannot stress how much I love this book. I wrote it as exactly the sort of novel I would want to read. It’s dark, and it’s a bit different. Refer to the overview here if you haven’t seen that already. It might help make some sense. And you can read the first 25 pages or so here.

Tough Mauve

*The novel formerly known as And Yet the Bottle Tree’s Song is Sadder than Mine

So when I first started writing this book, it was an adult novel. Sure the main character is a teenage girl, but I hadn’t considered trying my hand at YA lit. Once I got Lulu through her journey and into South Carolina, I decided to make it a book for teen readers. My younger daughter always loved realistic fiction, and I wrote this with her in mind. I’ve got a big soft spot in my heart for this strong, feisty protagonist. You can read the first 20 or so pages here.