Vivian Haywood’s Excellent Adventure – a teaser

I’m currently 10,000 words into my third novel, Vivian Haywood’s Excellent Adventure. This one is contemporary women’s fiction.

My writing can be a bit dark. My first novel The Truth is Hard to Tell is very dark, though also, I think, pretty hilarious in places. But then I do have a great ability to amuse myself.

My YA novel And Yet the Bottle Tree’s Song is Sadder Than Mine has some tough elements balanced with what I hope is just the right amount of sweetness.

Vivian Haywood’s Excellent Adventure will still have an edge, because that’s just where my mind goes, but at this point I think it will be a little lighter and, while definitely not light enough to qualify as chick lit, I think it could make for a great chick flick.

That said, I’m only about 15% finished with the first draft, so who knows? I’m not writing in a linear fashion, but if you’d like to read a little sample from about two-thirds of the way in, click here.


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