Tough Mauve (intro)

Lucinda Louise Maxwell has been through some shit. Her happy normal teenage existence in the North Carolina mountains is shattered on Christmas Eve, 2009, when her mother and stepfather die in a freak accident. Luckily for her she has her father, and she goes to live with him and his wife in Boston. Unprepared for the arrival of a precocious 15-year-old girl in their lives, they quickly ship her back home. Well, a hundred miles or so from home. But it’s OK, she believes she’ll be attending a prestigious boarding school.

It soon becomes apparent that she is not enrolled in any school at all, and in a moment of panic Lulu decides to hitchhike to the South Carolina coastal town where her Aunt Karma lives. She’s met her stepfather’s sister a couple of times, not exactly a close relative but she can’t bear to go back home and tell everyone her father has discarded her.

In Mawreys Island, she finds a job and creates a simple, if temporary, existence for herself. She spends time with Shane Devine, who may or may not have a thing for Madison Everly. But then local reporter Miranda Brooks goes missing, setting off a sequence of events that ultimately lands Lulu on the national news and brings her father to town. Lulu digs deep for forgiveness and surprises herself.

At 69,000 words, this is my second novel. I’m calling it YA Contemporary, but it’s definitely got crossover appeal. For some reason I could not title it for the longest time, and I just referred to it as “Lulu” in my mind. (That’s the main character’s name.) And then one morning I woke up with this title… it’s long! but it’s what came to me.

I am actively querying agents with this book, and I have a few fulls out on requested submission.

Read a sample here.


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