My books are not yet published/for sale. Cover mock-ups were created in Adobe InDesign by yours truly, using some cool fonts from one of my most favorite websites in the world, The photos I found online. See below for specifics.


The Truth is Hard to Tell

The Truth is Hard to Tell
cover photo is in the public domain, and you can view it here:
font is “In the Know”

Mauve Book Covers
Young Adult Contemporary Fiction


Tough Mauve
cover photo
is a still from Channel M video on YouTube: and you can find out more about model Kaitlyn McIvor (who like main character Lulu in the book is a lovely mix of Native American, African American, and Caucasian ancestry) here:
font is “Bittersweet NF”


Vivian Haywood's Excellent Adventure

Vivian Haywood’s Excellent Adventure
cover photo is credited to Peter Sheik and used under Creative Commons license:
font is “Marcelle”


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